Individual Sponsorship

The Denver Tool Library is proud to operate as a nonprofit organization (501c3).

Help us take this unique and necessary resource to the next level with a tax-deductible financial contribution. Your generosity enables us to expand our inventory, our hours of operation, and our workshop offerings.

Thank you for making a difference in the DTL community! 



Corporate Tool Sponsorship

What's so special about partnering with the DTL? We are the first and only 501c3 non-profit of our kind in Denver. We lend both power and hand tools to members for an affordable annual membership fee, so we are in the unique position of recommending your tools AND allowing members to actually demo your tools.

What are we looking for? In kind donations of power tools (not limited to new in box - refurbished or floor models are great, too) to help us meet the increasing demand of our busy patrons.

If a program like this interests you, please take a look at our Sponsor Deck PDF for a description of our organization, stats of our rapidly growing memberships, programming, outreach/social media impact, and how we can benefit you.

*Contact with any questions.