Saturday Volunteer Work Parties!

Every Saturday from 10-2pm we have super-fun volunteer work parties. Sometimes "work" means "build a spaceship."

Help us sort, inventory, fix, and get weekly projects done - or just pretend it's church and come for the free pastries and coffee. We'd love to see you either way!

volunteer projects...

*Do you have art skills? We SO need you! Come help us paint pretty signs for the shelves, or paint a mural for our bike shop.

*There is a stockpile of tools to be inventoried! Log, spray paint, and wield a dremel to engrave them as DTL shared-property forever.

*Are you handy at fixin’ stuff? Our sad broken tools need your attention.

*How about organizing? How about organizing hardware and making it accessible to all? Does that sound fun to you? Awesome!

Everyone is welcome! Just come to back entrance at 555 Santa Fe Drive Saturdays between 10am and 2pm. Meet cool people and feel good about helping a rad community resource.


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