Our mission is simple: To put tools in the hands of the inspired makers and do-ers in Denver.

We Provide the denver community with affordable access to POWER tools, HAND TOOLS, LAWN & GARDEN EQUIPMENT, AND MORE, So we can all make and maintain the lives we imagine.

The Denver Tool Library is a 501-c3 non-profit lending library where members can both borrow and share resources, whether that means tools, time, space, skills, or ideas, so that everyone becomes more inspired, productive, and empowered.

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Sharing & Accessibility: Tools are expensive, take up space, and many we use once or twice per year. By pooling our resources together we create a much greater and more affordable variety of items for everyone to use. 

Education & Empowerment: Everyone has the ability to create the things they want. Through classes, skill sharing, and friendly information every person can learn how to use the tools they need to accomplish their projects.

Community Space: Our digital age offers unlimited potential for connection but at times leave us isolated. Community oriented spaces connect us directly to people who have similar passions to scheme, learn, and tinker.

Creativity & Fun: Tools are the bridge between imagination and reality. The right tools allow infinite potential to create the things we scheme. Via tools and resources, we can transform day-to-day items and random materials into whatever shape, color, ensemble and function we choose.

Self-Sufficiency & “DIY”: Adequate access to tools, resources and information enables us to build or fix almost anything. Rather than costly expenses for others to make or repair the things we need, we are able to do it for ourselves.

Sustainability & Social Responsibility: The process it takes to manufacture the items we buy often leaves a significant negative impact. Planned obsolescence, misregulated industry, global transportation and poor working conditions are voted on with our dollar. By building the things we need and repairing them (rather than buying new) we reduce this negative impact on our planet.

Success & Failure (or “Success in Failure”): The achievement of our projects are celebrated, but so are our failures. Creation is a process that is not limited to winning or losing, but is a process that requires uncertainty and evolves eternally. The Denver Tool Library offers free high-fives for anyone whose projects don’t end up the way they expected, and the encouragement and support to continue.


555 Santa Fe Drive, Denver CO 80204



Tuesdays & Thursdays, 3pm-7pm

Saturdays & Sundays, 10am-2pm