Coming Very Very Soon!

*We will update this web page as soon as the Workshop is up and running.

Open Workshop Hours

Do you have a project you want to work on? Maybe it’s time to build that perfect shelf for the weird little corner by your couch? Or did your favorite stool in the whole world break, but you can’t bear to part with it? We got you.

If you need:

  • bigger tools

  • more space to work

  • less sawdust in your apartment

  • brainstorming buddies/comedic relief

  • or just don’t want to lug a table saw around anymore…

… well, my friend, Open Shop is for you!

How it Works:

  1. Take our mandatory Shop Safety course. Find Shop Safety class listings HERE soon.

  2. Starting in Mid-November-ish, Open Shop will be available on a first-come first-served basis during the following hours:

    • Thursday 3pm-7pm

    • Saturday 10am-2pm

  3. Or you can contact us to schedule your Private Workshop Hours.


  • DTL Members - $10/hr

  • Non-Members - $15/hr

  • Private Shop Hours - approx $30/hr - please contact us to reserve your own private shop hours

  • 15 minutes or less (like, “just one cut”) - $5

The Tools:

  • 20" Planer

  • 12" Jointer

  • 17" Bandsaw

  • SawStop Table Saw

  • Floor Drill Press

  • Router Table

  • Lathe

  • 12” Miter Saw

  • Access to all the tools in the library (drills, sanders, clamps, you name it)

  • Coming soon: Metalworking Shop with Welder, Forge, y mas.



Do I need experience?

You do have to take our Shop Safety course before working in the shop. But no matter your skill level, our open workshop hours have a person on staff to answer questions and help you out with your project needs.

Can I store my projects there?

No, sorry, we filled the whole space up with tools for you to use. You have to schlep your project home with you at the end of the day.

Do you provide disposables such as blades, drill bits, etc?

You are welcome to use whatever disposables previous users were kind enough to leave with the tools. If you require something specific, you may have to purchase it yourself.

Do you have hardware and materials on site?

Same as above - you are welcome to whatever we have, but no guarantees if you are looking for something specific.