WORKSHOP NOW OPEN!! THURSDAYS 3-7pm & SATURDAYS 10a-2pm (Closed Tues & Sun)

Do you have a project you want to work on? Maybe it’s time to build that perfect shelf for the weird little corner by your couch? Or did your favorite stool in the whole world break, but you can’t bear to part with it? We got you.

If you need:

  • bigger tools

  • more space to work

  • less sawdust in your apartment

  • brainstorming buddies/comedic relief

  • or just don’t want to lug a table saw around anymore…

… well, my friend, Open Shop is for you!

How it Works:


    • If you do not know how to use the machines you need, we can teach you during Open Shop hours as time allows, OR you can sign up for a comprehensive Shop Safety class. Check our calendar for upcoming classes.

    • If you know how to use the machines you need, you can test out with a shop monitor during your certification training.


    • The DTL Community Workshop will be available on a first-come first-served basis during the following hours:

  • Thursday 3pm-7pm

  • Saturday 10am-2pm

  • Or you can contact us to schedule Private Workshop Hours.


There is a one time $20 Certification Fee, then:

  • DTL Members - $10/hr (One hour minimum).

  • Non-Members - $15/hr (One hour minimum).

  • Private Workshop Hours - approx $30/hr - please contact us to reserve your own private shop hours

The Tools:

  • 20" Planer

  • 12" Jointer

  • 17" Bandsaw

  • SawStop Table Saw

  • Floor Drill Press

  • Router Table

  • 12” Miter Saw

  • Access to all the tools in the library (drills, sanders, clamps, you name it)

  • Coming soon: Metalworking Shop with Welder, Forge, y mas.



1. Sign in with the Shop Monitor when you enter the shop.

2. Dress Code:

  • Safety glasses must be worn at all times while in the shop.

  • Shoes must cover the entire foot.

  • No loose clothing.

  • No headphones (music headphones).

  • Long hair must be tied back or covered.

  • Wear clothes that make sense for what you’re doing. For example: if you’re welding, wear long sleeves and pants. Wear gloves when holding sharp or hot things.

  • Hearing protection is not required, but highly recommended.

  • Respirators and dust masks are not required, but recommended based on the task.

3. Drinks and food are not allowed in the shop.

4. Never attempt to use equipment you are not certified to use.

5. Never remove a lockout device on a machine without permission from the shop steward.

6. Inspect every piece of equipment before using it and report anything broken or missing. Make sure the equipment is operating normally. If you can, operate it manually before turning it on.

7. Inspect your material before using any equipment. Make sure there is no metal in the wood if you’re using reclaimed wood. Make sure it isn’t wet either. Both of these things are capable of setting off the SawStop safety feature, and metal will ruin the teeth on the planer and jointer.

8. Never take a tool out of the shop.

9. Never remove a piece of safety equipment or a guard from a machine without permission from the shop steward.

10. Never work alone in the shop - there should always be a shop steward present.

11. Report every injury, no matter how minor, to the shop steward. Even if it’s just a scrape or a bruise or a small cut, report it. These reports will help us keep everyone safer in the future.

12. During shop hours, the back door will remain locked.

13. No horseplay.

14. Never work in the shop if you’ve been drinking, using drugs, are tired, or in any altered state.

15. Never rush. Take your time.

16. Do your best to clear your mind and focus while you are in the shop. Don’t think about the fight you had with your partner, or your awful boss, or The Man getting you down. Focus on the task at hand and plan your work ahead of time.

17. Clean up as you go. Clean the machine you used when you’re done with it before moving onto something else. Do not let scrap or dust pile up near where you’re working. Keep walkways and floors free of tripping hazards while working.

18. Always be considerate of others in the shop. If someone else is using something and they step away, don’t touch the machine until you verify that they are actually done. Do not move someone else’s materials or project without permission. Don’t spend all day on one machine if you know there are others waiting. Maybe take a break and let someone else jump in, or alternate with them.

19. Minors (those under 18) must be accompanied by an adult at all times.

20. Do not distract anyone while they are working. If you need someone’s attention, wait until they are done using the machine they are working on.

21. Be aware of your surroundings. Be careful when walking behind people or where they can’t see you.

22. Report any unsafe or unsettling behavior to the shop steward. It’s not your job to police behavior in the shop, so speak to staff instead.

23. 15 minutes before the shop closes, everyone will stop working and clean up together - sweeping the floor, removing dust and chips from machines, putting tools away, cleaning off workbenches and tables of projects or scraps, etc.

24. Sign out with the shop steward when you leave the shop.


*If you just scrolled down here to see what’s next, it’s me telling you to go back and read that thing for real.