Are you someone who needs regular access to a workshop? Maybe you build furniture for hobby or commercial production? Perhaps you are an artist who needs additional space to work on your passion? The Denver Tool Library has a fully stocked workshop that might be right for your creative needs. See our shop space and tools pdf for specifics. 

How it works:

  • These are our times available for reserved workshop hours. You have private access to the space during your reserved hours. 
  • Storage for small projects may be available but larger projects must be taken off site.
  • You have access to our tools but must provide your own disposables such as blades, bits, etc.
  • Payments for your hours are paid monthly (before or after?)
  • Here is our reserved workshop hours agreement. 


  • Shared shop hours. $15/hr
  • Private shop hours. Good for large projects or if you will need constant access to our commercial machinery. - $30/hr

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