Want to teach a class?

Our (how many square foot) shop is equipped with most any tool you could need to pass your craft and skills onward. Classes in the past have included techniques to fix your house, recycled furniture building, women's workshops, fiber arts printing, sculpture classes, kids catapult construction, and more. 

Here's what we offer:

  • this many square foot indoor shop and this many square foot outdoor space (photos)
  • Commercial grade wood working tools, large mobile work benches,  and access to a slew of most any basic power and hand tool you could need (click here for a complete PDF of tools and equipment (make this after we set the shop up))
  • Classes are available at these times and these days of the week

Here's how it works:

  • Fill out our DTL Teacher Application below. 
  • We get back to you and tell you if we are a good match
  • Here's a super brief and simple explanation of how we figure out how to price your class and the split you could get.
  • You give us a breakdown of materials cost and we reimburse you
  • We promote for you using our partner Dabble and our own outreach
  • Bring your materials, apple, and best patched elbow suit and we'll see you in class!

For a copy of our teacher contract, take a look at this MOU PDF contract thing. (pay tears, when paid, materials and reimbursement, cancellations, multiple series and ongoing classes, etc etc. lots of station north and dabble stuff). 



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