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What are People Sayin' about the Denver Tool Library?

"Invaluable resource! DTL has nearly everything I've needed for multi faceted remodel projects. Tools I would never purchase and are costly to rent. Sarah is great and always has a smile. I sure hope this business model will work for those invested. It is terribly useful from this supporters point of view. Thx DTL" - Bruce E.


"One of Denver's best resources! Don't go to to the hardware store for a speedy tool purchase or rental. Get a tool library membership! $80.oo for a whole year, yes please!" - Marie D.


"Legitimately the best resource in Denver for anyone who likes making things,owns a house, or just needs tools sometimes!" - Anonymous 


"A quote I once heard from them pretty much sums it up 'Anyone who has had to use a butter knife for a screw driver knows the value of a place like this'" - Mara O.


"As an artist, The Denver Tool Library has allowed me to create pieces I've had sitting in my idea book for years. I had never had access to all the appropriate tools it takes to build my projects and when I found the DTL I was beyond excited. Along with providing access to a wide variety of tools, there are also some super awesome people that work there whom are all very knowledgeable and helpful. The DTL is AMAZING!!!" - Jon M.


"Denver Tool Library is a great place to gain access to tools you might need for home repairs, basic construction, and woodworking projects. The yearly membership pays for itself if you check out two large power tools." - Rachel B.


"The Denver Tool Library has been saved me SO much money in my first year of home ownership. Their tool selection has grown substantially in the last year and continues to amaze me. I plan on having a membership well into the future, even as I acquire more of my own tools." - Jordan A.


"Best place ever!!! If you're remodeling your home and you're not a member of the Tool Library, you're wrong!" - Deke L.


"I can't say enough great things about the people there... but I'll try- They're friendly, helpful and always excited about whatever project you happen to be working on." - Anonymous


"I find myself coming up with new projects just to use the cool stuff I find here." - Cherie C.


"What a magical place full of creativity, enthusiasm, community, and hard work. Can't wait to make a family donation." - Maureen H.


"The selection of tools you get access to, all for one annual fee is ridiculously awesome. I know I've spent more on a renting a single tool from Home Depot and you don't have to be stressful and rushed. You get the tools for long enough to actually do something!" Anonymous


"Very organized and complete collection of tools. I needed a few items to finish building a fence. They had everything I needed and I was in and out of there in a snap! Great job, DTL!" - Lindsay D.


"Love this concept! We are happy to be members. Everyone who I have encountered here has been awesome! I am looking forward to taking one of their classes." - Kelli H.


"This place has a great atmosphere that they are constantly improving on because they care, and happen to have a few tools around..." - Anonymous


"All in all, I would recommend this to everyone I know... and I have! This is the place to get a membership if you have ever had to borrow tools from your dad, or neighbor, or god forbid... rent one!" - Anonymous


"A fantastic resource for homeowners, crafty people...anyone really. Why buy a tool if you only need it once? Borrow it here. From sewing machines and hammers to pneumatic drills and pitchforks...there are so many possibilities." - Anonymous


"For $80/year ($100 for a couple), it's a deal. For less than the cost of one power tool, you get access to hundreds of tools." - Anonymous


"As soon as we learned of it, my husband and I became members. The staff are great--they're enthusiastic about what they're doing." - Anonymous


"Such an amazing place! A cheap membership for access to all the tools to build your hopes and dreams:)" - Montana K.


"This is an exceptional community effort I hope everyone can get behind!" - Brenda B.


"Thank you! Borrowed a few tools to install Pergo floors. Looks great, and now, I don't have a zillion tools in my house." - Rayana A.


"Awesome, convenient, friendly, cool." - Evan T.


"Simple. Friendly. Community. Excited to be a member." - Kenneth B.


"Everything I've ever wanted. And the staff are super attractive." - Garrett C.


"Fantastic idea. Amazing people. Super useful." - Daniel R.


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