A DTL membership lets you check out any of our tools as many times as you want for one year at one affordable price.

One annual payment of $80 allows you access to thousands of tools. It's as easy as that!

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How long can I have a tool?

About 4 days. You have two of our open business days to return your tools. It looks like this…

Borrow: Tuesday  -->  Return: Saturday

Borrow: Thursday -->  Return: Sunday

Borrow: Saturday -->  Return: Tuesday

Borrow: Sunday   -->  Return: Thursday

If it’s not a tool that’s in high demand, just call and we’ll renew it for you.


How many tools can I check out at a time?

You can check out up to five power tools at once. There is no hard limit on hand tools.


How much are late fees?

About $1 per day for power tools and 50¢ per day for hand tools. Don’t forget that we are only open Tuesdays, Thurdays, Saturdays and Sundays, and multiple tools rack up multiple late fees, so get your tools in on time!


Can I reserve a tool?

At this time due to our system we cannot reserve tools. All tools are on a first come, first serve basis.


What if I break a tool?

Many of our tools are heavily used. If you break a tool, please let us know and we promise we won’t be mad. If the tool has obvious signs of immediate neglect, we may ask you to make a contribution.


What if something seems wrong with my tool?

If there is evident damage to your tool or if it doesn’t feel right while it’s in operation, DON’T USE IT! Please bring it back and we’ll take a look at it, fix it, or give you a new one. Thank you for your understanding!


What’s with disposables like bits, blades, abrasives, etc?

We have a large inventory of disposables that you are free to check out with your tools. If you wear any of them out, we would much appreciate a contribution to replace them. Most members return their tools with whatever staples, sandpaper, biscuits they did not use, and that generosity keeps our community going!


Can I get a membership for my business / community organization?

At this time we only have inventory and space large enough to host tools for individuals. We hope to help you in the future as we grow!


Can my friends use my membership?

You are welcome to add a secondary member to your household account for only $20. More than that will need to purchase their own memberships. You are solely liable for any other person who uses the tools you check out, as noted in the membership agreement.


Can I use tools AT the DTL?

Unfortunately, due to liability reasons, we cannot let members use our tools in our shop at this time. But know that we are working on it!