Whatever furniture we collect, plus whatever y'all find, plus whatever people want to bring, will be looked upon as an artist looks upon an untouched marble slab. Then we will destroy what was a blindly subservient object of no significance, thus creating a new masterpiece full of the life and intrinsic beauty of the one who created it. We're gonna mess shit up. Safety will be the priority, and all tools will be used with respect, but that doesn't mean we can't have some fun with them. Furniture parts will be used to decorate the stage at FaceMan's 100 Year Storm (a huge rockshow. like the hugest.)

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Painting with INCITE is very satisfying because Lindsay is a pro and helps turn good intentions into something surprisingly legit looking. Come learn her tips and tricks as we paint cardboard warning signs to hang up all over the Oriental Theater for FaceMan's 100 Year Storm. Patterns will be provided, but creativity will be accepted in warm loving arms. Some serious, most comical. If you have any funny ideas, post below. 
*fun fact: I used to have recurring nightmares about "Danger Signs" when I was a child.

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August Skill-Building Workshop: Intro to Tool Literacy and Pallet Building

Intended for all those looking to become more involved with DIY projects and gain fluency with tools and basic woodworking. Alisha Black-Mallon will guide participants through the essentials of tools including maintenance and safety before leading a fun, participatory building project using recycled wooden pallets.


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We Want Your Advice!

Spring is here and it means two things... 

First - SPRING!!! 
Second - It's our first birthday, and to make our second year as awesome as absolutely possible we want your opinion!! 

We are asking everybody for ANY and ALL comments, suggestions, things you like, things you don't like, tools you want, classes you'd like to take, party ideas, organizational tips, snack sponsors you think we should go after, whaaatever. Your input will take priority in our spring cleaning/shopping/revamping so we can make this year's membership worth it for you! You can leave some tips on our Facebook page, or you can send feedback directly to us here:

We're OPEN!!

Come check us out...
& check out some tools while you're at it.

Tuesdays & Thursdays, 3pm-7pm
Saturdays & Sundays, 10am-2pm

555 Santa Fe Drive

I am so impressed by the people who have put their efforts into turning an empty warehouse into a beautiful community space filled with tools for Denver's makers, builders and DIYers. Big big thanks and bear hugs to all of you!

First Fridays at the DTL!!
We'll kick it off May 1st, so stay tuned for the deets.